At Juanma Garcia Sport Center, we understand personalized training, as training that is adjusted to the needs and circumstances of each individual, so that they safely reach their goals without injuring themselves.

For this reason, prior to the first session, all our clients (regardless of whether they come to training (individually or in small groups) go through an interview and assessment. In this way, through the initial interview, we know first-hand the objectives of each of our clients and the medical history that we have to take into account before starting the activity.

Through the assessment we check the limitations, weaknesses and decompensations that our clients, this is something fundamental to be able to properly adjust the training dose to each individual.


The individual training is aimed at people who have any pathology or injury that requires full supervision by the coach, as well as for clients who due to time incompatibility cannot adjust to a fixed schedule with a group.

We also carry out training in pairs, in which we individualize the training to meet the needs of each client personally.


Small groups are made up of 4 to 5 members per group, it is not necessary that you form a group, we will take care of integrating you into the group that best suits your schedule.

Do not fear the level of the group, because even though the training is in a group, we individualize the training to fit your needs and goals.